Our Region of Business

We provide our services to businesses and business owners in Southern California.

If your business is not located within Southern California, do not be discouraged to reaching out for our services. With proper accommodation and committment from you, we can arrange to have a consultation at your location.

Our Services

eCommerce website building & maintenance.

Instagram Content Services: Photography/Videography content for posts to provide value to your business social media platforms.

Our Mission

Our business model is to make operations simpler and easy for you as a business owner. Let us take care of the technical setup & maintenance of your website and Instagram while you tend to your business or other matters of your interest. We simply want to make the lives of business owners easier by taking away the stress of having to deal with the complex issues that arise when building/maintaining a website.

Pricing Breakdown

Our pricing is simple like our business model. For a charge of $8,000, you'll have our clientele package subscription for 1 year. This pricing is composed of two factors: Building & Maintenance Fee, and Client Services Support fee. After the completion of the first year with us, your pricing will automatically be reduced since there will be no need for a Building Fee at that point.

Plan of Action

Upon payment or deposit, You (Your Company) will provide all logos and written material for the website content. Photos are welcome but not mandatory since we include photography services. We come to your place of business for the consultation and any necessary photography sessions. To get started, it requires two simple steps and only one is needed from you, see below for details.

Step 1:

Fill out our Contact Form below

The information you provide in the form below will be used to reach out and setup a date and time for a consultation. There is no charge for submitting your contact information, and your information is strictly used for contacting you and your business.

Step 2:

We reach out to you

At this point, we will reach out to you.
We will come to your place of business to become acquainted with each other, and setup any necessary photoshoots or meetings for your web design package.

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